This is more an announcement than anything else because at long last I can talk about it. Early on this year German CIEM manufacture InEar got in touch because they wanted some feedback on a prototype of an upcoming product of theirs. While I had no prior experience with the brand I have for a while heard good things. What really grabbed our attention was that they were claiming it to be a reference product. This is such a common a claim and one that so rarely is pulled off, the most recent embarrassment being another German brand Rhines with their “reference” Stage 7 *cough*.

We got the then unnamed ProPhile 8 (features 8 BA drivers) sent over with a pair of their existing flagship the StageDiver 4. I can’t say all that much now as it has been a while since I have them and I will be getting them back over for a full review but they blew me and Josh’s mind. I mean BIG time. These earphones were stellar, doing what they said on the tin in neutrality, offering heaps of detail and then they have their last secret trick so they can be made to “your reference”!

On the inside of the shell are 2 little switches, much like what are on my Hidition Viento-R and these account for a bass boost and a treble boost. The bass addition is roughly 3dB and the treble brings in 2dB starting at 8kHz.

Finally they have the same mega ergonomic housing you may already know and love from the StageDiver series, one that Josh said fits him better than some of his customs and they also come complete with a matte finish that I just have to prefer to the shiny one of their other models.

I know its short but they will be making their way back to us so stay tuned for an in depth review with pictures, comparisons and more!!!



Sonny Trigg