Veritas Test

Lets quickly look at some measurements I made on my Vibro Veritas. Here is the Nebula One!


As you can the response starts with a gradual raise through from the sub bass, to the mid bass right into the lower midrange. It takes a little fall down into the upper mids before staying pretty simple from their on up! Channels match just wonderfully!

Now for the 2….


While the bass curve looks pretty similar chartering just above 100Hz, this doesn’t have the lower mid range presence. Again we have wonderful channel balance and a slightly bigger 6kHz peak. Lets compare the measurements.


You can note while the bass starts only decibels apart the one (blue) gets about 10dB ahead of the 2 (red) at 500Hz.  Things get close nearing 2kHz but once again go separate ways. It is quite clear these are their own models entirely!


Sonny Trigg