Veritas Test

Lets quickly look at some measurements I made on my Vibro Veritas. Here is the Nebula One!


As you can the response starts with a gradual raise through from the sub bass, to the mid bass right into the lower midrange. It takes a little fall down into the upper mids before staying pretty simple from their on up! Channels match just wonderfully!

Now for the 2….


While the bass curve looks pretty similar chartering just above 100Hz, this doesn’t have the lower mid range presence. Again we have wonderful channel balance and a slightly bigger 6kHz peak. Lets compare the measurements.


You can note while the bass starts only decibels apart the one (blue) gets about 10dB ahead of the 2 (red) at 500Hz.  Things get close nearing 2kHz but once again go separate ways. It is quite clear these are their own models entirely!


Sonny Trigg
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  • Michael Gunin

    Great review, thanks! Speaking of isolation, do you think 2 is suitable for using outdoors? I mean not subway, but on the street.

    • Cheers Michael! I think unless you are going to be frequenting the under ground or air travel isolation should still be up to scratch.

      • Michael Gunin

        Cool! When do you plan to review Lear AE1-d and Oriveti Primacy? Really interested in both.

        • The Lear are with Josh. With him working full time he moves a little slower but he will be getting a review out at some point! As for the Oriveti they were DOA and I am long awaiting a replacement!

          • Michael Gunin

            Oh, I see. Hope you guys move forward successfully, really like the work you do!

  • Nikit

    Do you think the Two’s would be an upgrade to Vsonic’s GR07 BE? I’ve heard they are much better, but only while using amp/good player. Will they sound good through the phone?

    • I never actually heard the BE and last heard the GR07s years ago. They were a much drier and sterile sounding monitor compared to this. These are more exciting that is for sure. Sadly it is not as easy as saying through a phone as like DAPs all phones sound different, some are in fact amazing, others quite poor.

      • Nikit

        I have LG G2 smartphone, but it’s kinda irrelevant already, as I’ve bought the Dragonfly Black and am waiting for it to arrive.
        However, I don’t think I’ll upgrade my earphones quiet yet as it exceeds my budget already. I’ll stick with Vsonic for now, as I’m sure the DAC will bring an improvement to the sound as well.

  • Mardae

    Hi! Love the review… makes me feel good about purchasing the nebula 2 recently. I’m also interested in the dunu 2000j…is it worth having both these iems? Maybe they’re too similar in sound quality. I’d be using a dx90 as my dap. Do these two iems work well with the dx90?

    • Unfortunately I have yet to hear/own the DX90 so cannot really help on that front. As for the Nebula 2 and DN-2000J they are two more similar IEMs but certainly have some different traits. The Dunu having less bass and more treble being the more apparent differences, with both having awesome midranges. I would probably recommend just enjoying Nebula 2 for a while and then saving up for something a bit pricier such as one of the true top tier IEMs or even a custom. It would probably make more sense than having two similarly performing products. You will probably prefer one and just stick to using that if I am honest.

      • Mardae

        Thankyou 🙂 that sounds like the right idea. I’ll check out some customs sometime down the road.

  • shreyans

    Hey do you recommend One for 35 bucks.
    Null-audio is giving them fir a steal rn this black friday, is the bass to overpowering? Or is good enough to not destroy the clarity and separation
    I will be using them on my OnePlus 5.
    How about other options like the infamous zs6, balanced e50 , and rest.
    I don’t have any such preference, and would prefer to rock anything which sounds good and gives a great bang/buck, just not be very overpowering.

    • I think these would be a great option at that price!