The Company – RockJaw

Today we have some wallet friendly gear from RockJaw Audio to look at. Hailing from my home land of the United Kingdom, RockJaw are easily one of the most successful IEM brands to have popped up on this little island, but unlike RHA and Trinity Audio Engineering, this is the first time I have got to have a look at their products. Their background is a little unusual with them technically being a branch of Try Jaw Global Trading company, not the type of business often associated with earphones and portable audio. For a company that started out in a bedroom it does look like they have come along way!

Now there is no point denying that RockJaw have a cheaper range of products but that makes them no less serious as the high end brands with much more expensive products. Their whole goal was to try and capture that top quality audio reproduction you get at the higher price points, and see how close they can get at affordable price tags. Of the three models I am missing one. I have the most expensive, the £43.90 Alfa Genus V2 and also the cheapest, the £23.95 Clarito, the latest release from RockJaw. Without further ado lets get down to the nitty-gritty.



Joe did ask that I review these separately so there is no confusion between products. So for that reason, I look at Clarito on Page 2 and Alfa Genus V2 on Page 3! Simples….

Sonny Trigg