Oh yes these are a bassy model. As soon as you leave the midrange and move into the sub 500Hz frequencies this just brings you more. The hump in the bass does take over the sound a little when it kicks in but with bass light music I am actually very impressed with the control offered at the price range, something that can be a problem with bassier models. I think that is mainly stemmed from a boosted bass that is surprisingly not sluggish is nature, no it is not armature fast but it gets to the next note without to much hold up and that does a good job of it not washing over the rest of the music.

16TFZ S1-5

The biggest problem I find is a recessed lower midrange, taking a hit from both the mid bass and upper mids, which make it come across behind the music and very pitchy and whiney. There is also a slight incoherence between a thinner midrange and treble and the more powerful, thicker nature of the bass, but it doesn’t make the sound bad at all, just is something to note. The problems I find are rather minor for the price range and I get through them quite quickly.

Back to the bass which is the highlight of the show, offering a more obvious mid-bass than anything else but still not slacking in the real depths, reaching there but not with the rumble or visceral presentation that imitates a sub woofer.

The midrange through its problems in male vocals and some recession, actually gains momentum into the upper mids which continues through into the lower treble. This provides clarity and some excitement. While it doesn’t ever behave sibilantly I do something find it a touch on the piercing side. The treble doesn’t hold strongly for long either, rolling off fairly modestly. For that reason it doesn’t insult in any way beyond say 5kHz.The timbre through this area is a little tinny though, not lush and natural even through out its airiness and sense of clarity, and is a little thin on top. There is no layering and texture with this earphone.

For someone who is not a basshead or an individual who likes listening to bassier sounds I think they got the level of boosting spot on. It will satisfy but doesn’t turn the earphone into a mess of sludgy, wallowing tones. Instead it hits in the bass, offers clarity in the mids and is a bit politer in the upper treble, making for an earphone as whole that isn’t to shabby.

16TFZ S1-8

A Great Fit for the Price!

If you are on a budget and like a bit of bass then I don’t know how you are going wrong with this earphone. While a completely different sound signature it completely slays the Dynamic Motion DM100E I recently received at a similar price point and the fit, isolation and packaging are all great. While on close inspection it may not impress, from within your ear you could leave people thinking you have some much more exotic in your ears, especially with the insane options at this price. TFZ have done enough with this model to get me very excited for their others, especially the new Series 7 just announced which looks like one of THE single coolest IEMs of all time!

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Sonny Trigg