Page 6 – DM010 & Final Thoughts

At 16,800 South Korean Won you might not think these are that cheap but with the current exchange rate that is just £10. I am not used to reviewing anything this cheap and when I have been asked for advice on certain earphones in the price range before I say just get the Sony MH1c. After hearing these I stick with that response. These sound like a £10 earphone, weak bass and lots of splashy treble distinguish the vibe these put out. I actually gave a pair to my mate and he was quite put off by the quantity and quality of the treble so that is something to keep in mind. Beyond sound they are still a £10 earphone, thin flat cables, plastic housing and just the really cool DM tips as an accessory. Maybe their last positive is the inline remote and mic.

Here are their measurements.


Doesn’t look that bad for price, especially channel matching.

Here is all the measurements plotted together.

16Dynamic Motion

Blue is DM008, Pink DM010, Red DM200, Purple DM100 and Green DM100E!

A Last Word

I am still a little unsure of where Dynamic Motion sit as a company. Are they just another consumer brand that are upping the prices to fit the market, or are they a truly audiophile company striving to be the best. The looks of the DM008, existence of the DM010 and sound signature of the DM200H all support the former argument. On the other hand the BDD tech and DM100s more analytical sound is something that seems to suit the more discerning enthusiast. Of what I tried none of these earphones made a stand to blow me away or get me talking madly about them. That being said the DM200H shows potential and the DM100 lets me know their advanced use of dynamic drivers can begin to achieve desired effects!

Sonny Trigg