Page 5 – DM100 & DM100E

While these two IEMs seem close to identical, from housing to packaging, they actually surprised me quite largely by having completely different prices. The DM100 is 103000 SKW which is roughly £66 but the E version is not even close at just 39800 or £25. Both using the same technology surely they couldn’t share this much.


On closer inspection the DM100E has a cheaper looking cable and also features a remote/mic on the cable, recognising that less hardcore enthusiasts will require that. I see this point but others may crave that functionality at a higher level. I have been informed the driver used is the same, just tuned differently.

16DM-21 16DM-18

Onto build quality and the more expensive is the better, it has a partly metal housing and shares a cable with the DM200H, which is much stronger feeling than weaker remote wielding cable of the E. While the plastic housed E isn’t necessarily much worse, it does have a tackier vibe to it.

16DM-22 16DM-19

Ergonomic wise these are my favourite of the Dynamic Motion bunch, curving in towards your ear canal and even being able to go over your ear on your desire. The shells are sleek and light and these are a pair I can wear for hours on end. That being said they don’t go as deep as the 008s and also have a rather obvious ventilation which minimises isolation.

16DM-23 16DM-17

Armature Lean

Funnily enough the sound of these did give me a sense of a what I expect from some single BA IEMs. Rolled off on both ends, tight and fast sound and a bit on the thin side. The DM100 was clearly the better of the two as well, while both seemed to be summarised as bright earphones.

The DM100 was really clean throughout with only the bass seeming to come off just a bit messy at times. The rest of the sound was clear, precise and fast though while you do lack the air movement, body and timbre of most dynamic drivers.  Of all the DM models I have tried this has the freshest and most likeable midrange and that is great when you look at the price tag in comparison. Treble is prominent but not overdone as well, giving this earphone quit a bit of all round ability.

The bass could be a bit more dynamic and deep, and also have better texture. Texture is a lacking area due to being a bit weak and in monotone. While being critical I should mention that the upper mids could sometimes but just a bit hot, never sibilant but just show stealing. I also find the sound to be just a bit “splashy”, even before the treble. My last criticism would be that the overall sound is small in soundscape and thin throughout.

I do however love the detail, that more analytical sound and something that sounds completely unlike anything for a dynamic driver and when you look at the price there is no doubt that this can go forward as a solid option in this sub £100 price range if you are not wanting bundles of bass but love some sharp definition!


Cut the Price

Going cheaper and getting the DM100E will get you the same technology and looks but does somewhat obviously change the sound. While we still have that balanced armature type sound we get so with a horrendous bass, loosing in all aspects of the frequency range, extension, impact and body and the overall sound while still bright, is now tinny and brittle. The bass actually is so bad that it worries me, its anaemic and makes the music feel lost. The sound is just vacant, making me feel like I am not sealing with the earphones but no matter what tips I use or how I fit them the sound doesn’t changed.

While the speed and treble shine seems quite impressive at such a low price, considering the sound I have achieved at this price this doesn’t cut it to me, save up and remove the E from your DM100!

Measuring Similar

First up DM100….


and now DM100E…


Other than the horrible imbalanced in the DM100Es bass, they actually measure very similar, which is surprising based off of my subjective impressions. It seems the DM100E is a touch more V shaped with more bass and treble to boot. I hear the extra treble but not the extra bass. In fact I am surprised by how much bass the measurements show because I am not hearing it in the slightest on either model. I guess because the low THD it just has now body to it, probably no decay either making it sound anaemic.



Lets turn the page and finish this article off!

Sonny Trigg