Page 2 – The Package

Through the 5 products I got 3 different sets of packages. Obviously the budget option in the DM010 is no spectacular unboxing, coming in a streamlined cardboard and only including 3 sizes of silicone ear tips. It is not impressive but nothing less than expected. I really do love the silicone tips that are included with these and the DM100s.


The DM008 seems to be a different product altogether, coming in a unique box that gives you a sneak peak of the earphones. I have the P version which is the ultimate version so I am not sure if it is different to other 008s but what I have comes with a better set of accessories to the DM010 as one would hope considering the price difference. For tips you get the same 3 sizes of DMs standard silicone tip, then 3 sizes of a slightly different design silicone and some foam tips to finish with making a great package for finding a secure seal. You also get a shirt clip and a little clamshell carry pouch that seems just a touch too small for the earphone.

16DM-6 16DM-20


The last styling of packaging is how the DM100E, DM100 & DM200H come and this is my favourite of the bunch. Once opened the part of the cardboard you fold out has loads of information regarding the earphone, the technology, how to fit them etc and then the actual presentation is marvellous. You only have the standard DM and Comply foam tips here but do get a much better carry pouch which has more space. You also get a shirt clip and airplane adapter.

16DM-29 16DM-31


Now lets get into the individual products, starting with the DM200H on the next page. 

Sonny Trigg