Campfire Audio are only new to the scene but it is already clear how hard they are striving to become the best. On launch they initially had 3 models, led by the quad armature Jupiter. It was only after reviewing this and talking to Ken Ball I realised how CA were not a company who would settle for having anything less than the best. Here are a couple of direct quotes from Ken back in March!

Not a slam dunk but we have some more models in the works, so I am hoping to raise some eyebrows with the next volley of models.

I have a developed a number of new IEM designs that are all markedly better.

While at the time I had no concept of timeline, it had shown that they had never stopped since the still successful release of their original collection of Orion, Lyra and Jupiter so when a month later in April at the Apoxna show, they unveiled the Nova & Andromeda, I knew these models were something I needed to try. Coming perhaps sooner than I had anticipated and also integrating smartly into Campfires portfolio of IEMs, it was the new flagship that got everyone talking. Coming in at $1099 and featuring 5 balanced armature drivers per channel, the green Andromeda is what we have to review today.


A New Cable

If you have already experienced a Campfire product then you are in for more of the same. From the outside I noticed some minuscule changes, like the box being a touch bigger but still of the same aesthetic and the case being a different finish but still with the same furry inside. In fact talking about the case it could be the best one yet, or at least the my favourite of the 3 I have (of 5).  It once again has a strong scent of leather but has been finished in a dark brown. Beyond that it is the same impressive array of 3 breeds of tips, a cleaning tool and badge that is included. We lose the additional cable the Jupiter was packaged with.

16Andromeda-2 16Andromeda-3

Other than being green, using different screws and sprouting a third bore for the extra driver this is the same housing as came with the Jupiter so for my thoughts on that it will be easier on us both if you just hop over to that review.  Even though they have not changed the housing I will not complain because it is spectacular as is, a step above the opposition and I know how labour intensive it is to make (only a small group made at a time which takes 9 hours).

Campfire Audio Jupiter – The Music Maker For The Audiophile


Like previously with the Jupiter they use their special resonator assembly for the high frequencies. They keep the high level of care for all parts both in and out as well individually checking every single armature that goes into this monitor.


While the housings were always a hit previously, the included Tinsel wire not so much. It was microphonic and I know for a fact I was not alone in complaining about it! They now supply a new Campfire Audio litz wire IEM cable which is without doubt better! It is a very floppy and flexible cable with a cute 4 braid weave. It has everything you could want in a cable from a cinch and a right angled jack, but it still opts for memory wire, maybe a problem if you have glasses. It is thankfully much less plagued by microphonics than its predecessor on top of all that! It still has plenty of bling shining bright, don’t worry! It does go far knowing you don’t just get the same old stock cable that everyone else uses and while originally didn’t do them favours, they have now found the cable for them!

16Andromeda-6 16Andromeda-7


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