No, it is not the new iPhone, it’s an IEM from Germany and a brand that keeps things simple with its name, InEar. InEar are predominately a company that focus on performing musicians but obviously attract attention from the audiophiles such as myself. I also find that when seeking out a new stage monitor it is not unusual for musicians to read my reviews, something I have learnt to be the case from reader queries. Todays review will be a little quicker as I have not had that long with a loan unit of the current universal flagship from the German outfit but I can promise you that we will be covering something from the brand much more in depth in the coming future, stay tuned and get EXCITED!

3 Jun 2016-3

Stage Diving

For their universal series, or StageDivers (they do a custom version of this series called Livepro) as InEar like to call them, you have two choices in size and shape for your purchase. Regardless of whether you want 1 through to 4 armatures, you can opt for the standard size or an S model, meaning a smaller housing. So I have the S version of their most packed model, the quad driver, which comes in at €679. Unless you have unholy big ears I would probably opt for the smaller version, I have experience with both their housing sizes and seal just great with both, but why take the risk of something bigger? Oddly Josh with his mini ears found the bigger ones comfortable, finding them to fit akin to a custom.

3 Jun 2016-5

My SD4S’s came in a branded Pelican case filled with a simple selection of silicone tips, hearing aid cleansing wipes for hygiene, cleaning tool as well as a 1/4 inch adapter. Their products feature removable cables with the included cable being a simple one, no different to what I have had as stock on so many models before it, nothing new here! The shiny little housings are a constantly contouring acrylic and look more like a silicone product would, without an obvious faceplate closing off the shell. The look and feel is good and being small and of this ‘over the ear’ style, they fit deep, seal well and isolate strongly! For €80 you can get a real wood faceplate.

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