Balanced Music Concept or B.M.C as they are more commonly known, are a company we have taken a shine to for several years now. Not only have their rooms and products sounded really quite brilliant in far less than ideal scenarios (such as their room in Munich), they are also some of the most aesthetically attractive systems on show. I have a special sweet spot for their mono blocks (M2 which cost $7,790 each), I think they are bloody gorgeous, and they are always sounding wonderful on the several occasions I have heard them.

This was Munich 2016 though, so as well as discussing the PureMedia for their upcoming review, we were keen to see if their brand new Arcadia (€32,000) speakers could reinforce our opinions on B.M.C’s sonic talent.

1 Jun 2016-1

These Arcadias are actually very interesting speakers for several reasons. They are a 3-way passive bipolar speaker but they are also balanced, meaning they have the same driver configuration front and back. Mid-range and bass drivers are Kevlar/honeycomb coned, very stiff and quick! The top end is dealt with by air motion ribbon tweeters which are very light and they sound wonderful! Then you have the fact that the cabinets of these speakers are unlike anything I’ve come across before, they are ceramic! Ceramics are incredibly stiff which means internal energy loss is massively reduced. Rigidity surpasses that of any cabinet made of wood. Something else to mention is that this is a sealed enclosure, and because of the manufacturing process, the cabinet behaves as a single piece! This structure and material choice mean that it is effectively resonance free too, just to top off the technical prowess.

A cabinet of such quality comes at a cost though, these babies weigh A LOT, when you add the external crossovers the total weight of both speakers and crossovers is 214kg…. for a pair of loudspeakers that aren’t actually that big!

Powered by their wonderful M2 mono-blocks, fed by the PureMedia and DAC1, the system sat looking pretty awesome in the back right corner of the room facing into the centre. It sure was eye catching, but what did they sound like then?

1 Jun 2016

We got a solid two song listen which doesn’t sound like much but at a show like this that is pretty good. The sound was incredibly natural, with a very punchy low end, and a mid-range with wonderful timbre. In this short listen the most impressive thing was the sound presentation. You know when you listen to an expensive system and it sounds great in one specific place and then average, at best, when you move around? Well the BMC system had none of that, you could stand up, walk around and go to silly angles and you would still have a precise, and well-spaced staging. It’s truly very impressive, especially from a speaker that is relatively incorporable into a normal home living space (despite weight). There was a great sense of control throughout the frequency range but in a convincingly un-restrictive and effortless way. Considering the space, it was certainly one of the more impressive sounds at the show, hence them getting a report!

B.M.C continues to impress and I would take a close look at what they are doing because big things are coming from them, literally! Make sure you keep an eye out for Sonny’s take on their PureMedia which will be published in the very near future…

Josh Coleby