Lots of Measurements

I got real stuck in when measuring these, trying to put together as many responses as possible to see what we could achieve. It certainly is one of the better departments of this earphone.

Lets start by just going crazy and showing how many frequency responses you can get out of the NS-U1!

26 May 2016-3

Now lets break it down a bit to just the NSC-01 cables two settings, on and off. Green is on, brown is off. As you can see when on we have more bass but less between 1 and 4kHz. Also channel balance is really disappointing with everything after 1kHz splitting up. You can also get a gist of what I was getting at regarding the upper midrange, with a climb of about 10db between 1 and 4 kHz.

26 May 2016-4

Next up I want to swap over to the NSC-03 cable, starting with the NS off but looking at what we can achieve with the bass dial. Black is full bass, orange is dead in the middle and yellow/green is bottom. As you can see the difference start at 1kHz, quite early truth be told and continue to vary all the way to 20Hz. By then we have a difference of just under 30db and even at 100Hz it is 20db, although them numbers are not helped by the huge channel imbalance in the bass.

26 May 2016-7

Next we will turn the NS on and go through some different settings, starting with both dials at minimum. This is a weird curve alright! It has a slope down from 4kHz to 20Hz and this is scooped out even more between 600Hz and 2kHz. However channel balanced actually looks good for once, now idea why but before this it was off and from now on it is better.

26 May 2016-2

With both dials in the middle we have one of the flattest curves I managed with these earphones with a straight shooting bass but still that weird 600Hz to 2kHz dip, no idea whats causing that but it certainly muffles male vocals.

26 May 2016-1

With both dials at max we have what clearly a bassy earphone. Boosting continuously after 1kHz.

26 May 2016

We then have what I think is easily the worst curve I got from these earphones, setting NS to max but bass to minimum. The NS alone gave quite a boost for the bass but the dip we have previously seen between 600Hz and 2kHz is now out of hand, disgusting.

26 May 2016-5

Finally I measured with NS minimum and bass cranked all the way up. This looks much better, rising gradually through the bass and staying level through 1khz and not even raising up much from 2-4kHz. Incredible!

26 May 2016-6

Sonny Trigg