Measurements Show the Difference

The title of this segment says it all. You can see here just how much the filters are doing. If you look below at the measurements of the RHA T20 filters you can see how small the differences are. Between 2 and 5kHz there is an 8 dB difference spread out over 3 filters, so yes a noticeable difference but not a dramatic one. Obviously measurements are limited by the Vibro Veritas I use and are outlined here and here. Bass has always been accurate.

T20 Filters Correct

In comparison now look at the Torque filters.

Crazy right! Although even between the similar tunings there are roughly 3 bass responses and 4 treble responses going on. Green and yellow share the most boosted bass, the blue is riding solo in between and then the remaining 3 are all pretty similar but the red has more than black then pink. For treble the green and black share the most, then blue once again on its own, red and yellow are pretty matched as well and then pink is completely its own thin in treble.

Torque All Filters

Lets once again go through all the individual measurements

Red Torque

Red – First of all channel matching seems pretty good here with only a slight variance at 2kHz. As you can see we have a boost at around 400-500Hz which gives the emphasis I heard going into the lower mids. Midrange and treble is pretty smooth with slight bumps up at 2 and 5kHz and then a later one at just past 10kHz. In anticipation for 7kHz we drop off quite a bit at 5kHz. That bass just confirms my issues with this and some of the other filters and that is the steep roll off that starts at 400Hz. Are you serious?!

Yellow Torque

Yellow – Obviously different from the red in bass but rather similar past 1kHz. Instead of dropping off at 400Hz the yellow filter decided to build all the way to 50Hz! It also has a slightly bigger and earlier treble peak at 4kHz. Nice channel matching again.

Black Torque

Black – The return off that awful bass roll off the red filter has but this actually starts to go earlier at 500Hz, the joys…. After a dip in the lower midrange this gains momentum at 3kHz and holds it through to 5. Great channel matching and while it dips down at 5khz again, it continuously holds more treble than the previous filters and even has a bigger peak at roughly 12khz.

Green Torque

Green – Identical to the Yellow below 1kHz, identical to the Black above!

Blue Torque

Blue – Along with the pink filter this one is very unique and its own thing. The most flat bass but emphasising slightly towards the deeper regions and only has a slow roll off after 100Hz so nothing wrong with that. Well not perfect but after the Pink filter I won’t complain. It has quite a peak at 3kHz and then a smaller one at 5kHz.

Pink Torque

Pink – The least bass of all filters, rolling off at 500Hz and not even having the small notch up like the red filter. It gets rid of the peaks at 2-3kHz and has a very small raise towards 5kHz before going down hill. Very odd response.

Sonny Trigg