Measuring the Differences

As always we will start with them solo measurements to get a bit of a feel for what these earphones are capable of.

IEM 10.0

Great channel matching is shown and impressive because even though these are a universal fit model they are still hand made like a custom. There is obviously a tight quality control when it comes to driver and channel matching. From 1kHz there is an upwards slope, all the way to 100Hz where it hold its position strongly until 60Hz where it then starts to roll off. It is not the most robust of sub bass extensions while also not a horrible roll off. I am not too sure why there is a little dip between 2.5kHz and 6kHz but nothing is lacking in the music because of this. You then have a drop off at 7kHz which is obviously ideal for a lack of fatigue in the treble.

Now to add the 10.A plot. The IEM 10.0 is orange and the 10.A blue.

Heir Off

As you can see the bass actually shows a dramatic difference from 300Hz, with the 10.As staying flatter and rolling off much more dramatically. One of my 10.A channels shows quite an obvious variation as well but I think that may be an issue while measuring, still there is a 4dB difference by 100Hz and 7dB by 50Hz. From 300Hz upwards they are much more similar measuring earphones but there are still differences. The 10.A also has nowhere near as good driver matching. The 10.A has more at 10kHz, well at least it does on one channel and past there things seem different but that is a hard area to accurately measure even on much more expensive audio analysers than my Vibro Veritas. Based solely off measurements though I would say the IEM 10.0 looks much better with matched channels, better extension and less jolty treble. These can only show that they are either using different bass drivers or tuning them differently but then likely using the same set up from there on out.

Sonny Trigg
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  • RP

    What a strange coincidence! – I’ve been reading and re-reading your custom review all week deliberating about the Universal version (was planning on moving onto custom if I liked the signature). My biggest fear was that I might find them lacking in Bass – but looks like the Universal may sort this for me. I put my order in this morning!

    • RP

      Could you comment on the Sound Stage? In particular depth? Do the Cust v Uni differ? and how does it stack up against the Harmony 8?

      • What are the odds?! Well glad it has helped, this certainly will deliver more in the bass than the custom version, which is strange but fair enough. Soundstage between the two versions is not hugely different, I would say custom has a tad more accuracy. It is pretty well rounded in all areas of soundstage but not HUGE like JH Siren Series or 64 A12. Sadly my H8P is back with Custom Art to be upgraded to their new 8.2 model but from memory and comparisons between 10.A and H8P the Heir is a much better earphone. The Custom Art is a little dry in comparison, suffers from overly peaky treble and not as full in bass.

        • RP

          Thanks. Will look forward to your take on the Harmony 8.2!

  • Play this Heir Audio 10.0 in-ear in the same league as the best headphone of the moment (Sennheiser HD800S, Audeze and Hifiman orthodynamics)?

    • I dont really group IEMs with open backed headphones. It would be like comparing to full sized speakers. They present music differently and are used for different situations. Like them headphones are the best of their kind, I do think the IEM 10.0 also sit within the best of their kind being universal IEMs.

      • How you compare Heir Audio 10.0 to the Astell&Kern Angie by Jerry Harvey Audio? JH is known to do, perhaps, the best in-ears.

        Thank you for your opinions.

        • I only own the Roxanne Siren, although did hear Angie a while back. The JH Sirens are good although I would only say on the level of 64 ADEL, Heir 10, Hidition, Lear, UM and Vision Ears flagships, none are a clear cut above the rest overall, only in their certain areas. It really is what one will have a sound signature for you, I would read through my various CIEM reviews and see what one seems to match your type of sound the best, or let me know what your after and I will let you know what I think will be best!

  • David Lan

    I bought a 10.0 pair used and I’ve been pleased with the sound. It’s a much more refined and full bodied sound than my old UE TF10s. However the fit has been challenging on the right ear. Can you share what tips you used with the 10.0s?

    • Hey David, I really enjoyed the Spinfit tips with the Heir’s. Glad you are enjoying them and yes they are quite a step up from the TF10s!