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My first impression on everything apart from the iBasso/Opus was how it is nice to see a metal body. It feels good in the hand and obviously is more durable than plastic. That being said the apparent lack of any real volume knobs also stood out, something similar to what Astell & Kern have always provided at any price point. There is something more special about a tactile pot than plus and minus buttons. Aune actually have a pot but it also is a scroll wheel so still is not something of simple task. That being said all buttons on all units were responsive with the Cayin having an especially nice click to them and iBasso and Aune having nice size. I think Opus’s few buttons are a little well… little.


Moving on it was great to see iBasso and Cayin provide cases, even if they are pretty bog standard silicone jackets. The Opus does have an AK leather like case that can be purchased for an additional $50 and while much better quality than the simpler silicone the other have, it is not included for free.


For jacks and ports I have not had a single problem and everything seems quality enough, but the slightly recessed ports of the Opus are nice. On the flip Cayin’s stick out a but. Also for piece of mind in terms of SD card safety all units but the Aune have covers of some description for the slots. I would say that they are all the same in function and usability but iBasso and Opus do a better job of making them part of the aesthetic than Cayin’s which stands out.


In terms of aesthetic this is something only you can decide what you like best and hopefully my pictures help that. The angular Opus certainly has merit in some areas as does Aune’s bold colour scheme. The iBasso actually catches my attention the most for its longer thinner design and the Cayin does have its own nice touches in an LED Light next to the scroll wheel and a faux carbon fibre sticker on the back.

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