Measurements w/ Sonny

Jomo 6R

Starting with the 6R measurements and as you can see too the eye they are pretty flat. While that does indeed mean they don’t have a 4kHz boost or 7kHz drop off to suit our ears natural resonances, 4kHz is not lacking and is in a pretty correct position while 7kHz does sound to my ears sparkly due to its presence. The treble extension does seem a little more with them falling out at 8kHz but until then there is not a real problem. The bass extension is similar with it not holding on long after 100Hz. The bass also is the only area to show any channel difference but even though I test thoroughly, this could be a mistake on my behalf as I am not hearing anything noticeable in the bass. Beyond that until we getting into the upper treble balance is perfect.

Jomo 6

Moving onto Josh’s 6s and things are a little different to mine. What is most blatant is that variance in the midrange. It really is quite ugly and the channels don’t match up from 1 to 4 kHz. It almost looks like different drivers are used. It also make the bass look a lot more boosted than it actually is, unless the midrange is meant to drop out like that, the dodgy looking channel could be the correct on even if that is doubtful. Unlike the 6R this does have a drop off at 7kHz like is recommended but never really recovers from the drop off. Bass extension seems a little better holding onto 50Hz.

6 vs 6R

Comparing the two graphs you can see quite simply they are two completely different earphones, it is not like they have the same mids and treble with different bass quantities such as I have found with 64 Audios A10 and A12. These are totally different in every way. Bass maybe the biggest difference but even in the midrange they don’t have a similar curve. Now while my 6R does have much better channel matching than Josh’s 6, its not like I can say mine is more expensive so it should be better, even the cheapest models Jomo produce should not have a channel imbalance that bad and it does give me concern about all of Jomo’s products and more importantly, their quality control. Were Josh’s CIEMs measured and if so, why was this not sorted?

Sonny Trigg
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