Dunu’s ride to world domination on all IEMs under £200 attempts to continue with two more models  in the Titan range, a series that already impressed us earlier this year.  The Titan 1 was £75 and for the price, is one of the better options without doubt but Dunu wanted to push the line further with more features and better sound. Welcome to the £109 Titan 3 and 5. While the 3 and 5 are further up the line than the 1 as you’d expect from their bigger digits, they seem to sit as joint heads of the Titan range, instead of the 5 being superior to the 3. They are priced the same, come with identical packages and only start to differ in sonic signature and driver specifications but in a way people will find them self swinging to any of the two. I don’t even see why some wouldn’t wanna own both.


Removable Cables

Before getting to the differences though I want to talk about how Dunu have evolved things with this model. From as long as I can remember Dunu have received great reviews for their products but something that comes up quite often is how they should have removable cables. It is certainly something you will see me whine at in every Dunu review I have ever done but no more. Finally we have removable cables, MMCX ones to be precise but it doesn’t matter, they are here and hopefully to stay. It certainly seems so with them also featuring in the next to come of their hybrid series. It really is hard to keep up with Dunu, there is so much going on.


Now obviously adding removable cables does add a touch to the profile of the housing, which for the most part are a very similar design to the original Titan 1s. To me the trade off is a no brainer and they really don’t seem to fit me any different to the originals. The solid metal build quality is also just as good and the cable shows no variance as ever, the same great quality, just this time we can disconnect it. Honestly for all things physical with these earphones, have a look at my original Titan 1 article because not much has changed, right down to the epic accessory haul (we have added ear fins with these for better comfort) as always. The biggest difference between the old and new is these no longer have the blue and red ring designating the channels and the loss of some of the venting on the housings although the isolation is still on the lower end of the scale.


Two Tunings

Picking between the 3 and 5 may be a gift and curse from Dunu. While they are giving you more options for your money and catering for a bigger range of people, the decision may be left to hard and end up being an off put. Also interesting is that the specifications between the two also differ, likely contributing to why they sound quite different even though they both use a 13mm Nano class titanium diaphragm. On one hand the 3s have a 16ohm driver and an SPL of 110dB while the 5s are a little harder to drive at 32ohms and 108dB, nothing huge but a noticeable difference with how much volume you use. That being said both are very easy to drive earphones and even the slightly less efficient 5s aren’t gonna cause a fuss.


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Sonny Trigg