In a busier couple of weeks for me it seems like todays measurement Monday will be much more true to its name, just measurements… on a monday. The (C)IEM in question is one we have already given a full review and that should be read alongside this. My unit is a LE3SW (€625) and while when I received this a few years back it sat ahead of Lime Ears range, they have recently released the 5 driver AETHER which is almost double the price at €1150. My unit is a universal fit demo so while measurements may show variances to what a customised version would look like, it still should be very similar and also lets us see the impact of the bass switch they implemented in the SW model to have both the LE3 and LE3B in one package, for hardly much more money.



Lime Ears LE3 Bass OffTo me it makes sense to start off with the base measurements of the LE3. This is my favourite way of listening to the earphones and I likened the sound to a baby JH13. It has to be said the frequency response looks a bit roller coaster like and even though I will argue that it is (coherent), lacks coherency. I said in my original review that it has great bass that extends and while extension is not bad, it does show a slope down straight after 100Hz. I also said that the midrange as an emphasis to the upper areas but it seems like the midrange on whole is quite boosted, clearly ahead of the bass. I think it would make more sense if the bass was flat into the midrange through to around 2kHz and then too a little raise at 3-4kHz but as I said, this doesn’t sound as crazy as it looks. It has a troth at 7kHz which stops fatigue nicely before having a little peak in the upper treble which seems polite enough. Lastly driver matching is on point.

Now you can see that the bass switch has turned on because it is clearly boosted to what it was above the bass switch leaves everything past 1kHz alone. The only think that strikes me odd is that we still have a dip from the bass as you go to 1kHz before seeing a boost back up. While without the bass on it is not too considerable, once the bass is actually level with 1-2kHz it doesn’t make sense for there to be a dip between 800Hz and 1.1kHz. I feel the crossover could have been worked on here. The boost itself is from 1kHz all the way down at a steady margin. It doesn’t give more emphasis to any particular frequency  and is a square 5dB allowing for a noticeable amount more body and impact. It is an obvious difference and one that can be quickly implemented, I just think it could move into the midrange a little more smoothly. Regardless of this back when I reviewed I said coherency was great although the bass switch did make the lower midrange sound shallow, so I did pick up on it.

Lime Ears LE3 Bass Comparison

LE3 – Blue LE3 – Green

Lime Ears LE3 Bass On

Bass Boost On







Well that is all today and I should have something more substantial for you soon!

Sonny Trigg