CIEM companies now days are hardly a rarity like they were maybe 10 years ago and while the craze to get in on this industry had boomed in the last 2 years, one of the first to do so were Sweeden based Cosmic Ears. Since then they have moved to Englad to continue what they do. My only problem with the company is how much they have changed since day one. On a simple level things like product names and series was ever being tweaked but also things like options and driver set ups has changed dramatically. They still do some unique things but in their first days they certainly had more niche ideas, mainly being dirt cheap pricing (they are still on the lower side but not near as inexpensive), the use of dynamic drivers in CIEMs, and different sized housings. I originally had 3 models but one went back and never saw my ears again but I do still have the BA1 (£95) and MA2 (£150). Now if you check their site these options do no longer exist but maybe the single driver is still used in the CE1P (£150) and the twin driver of the MA2 still active in the CE2P (£200). I really don’t know.

The cool thing about these CIEMs other than how cheap they were was the the MA2 was a twin driver and the M meant it had a micro housing. Still custom fit but not filing your ear. In the same idea the BA1 was a medium housing, fitting cable down and not having quite the profile of a full CIEM. While they are perhaps no longer readily available, for a sense of nostalgia and too prove the sort of quality from Cosmic Ears is still clearly better than other manufactures such as Starkey and Earmo, lets have a quick look at some measurements.


Starting with the BA1 and it was a product that always impressed me. For under £100 you got a CIEM that actually sounded good, its not a god slayer but went toe to toe with a lot of universal options. Here are the measurements gained from the Vibro Veritas (funnily the name of a new Resonessence product).

I have seen a lot worse, this is not shabby in any way. Channels only start to waver past 100hZ and it is clear that the drivers were matched and even more impressive is the complete lack of weirdness or dips after the bass, which is becoming a common site. The mid bass is ever so slightly emphasised and extends well. The upper mids have a slight boost, which is heard and the treble shows its head at 10kHz. There is not a lot more to say but its really quit good at less than £100 and still solid at £150 if this is the CE1P. I ought to really ask.

Now for the tiny little MA2.

You can see its small and you can find some more pictures in the review here. Now for the measurements.

Suprisingly it is REALLY similar. Which was odd as this was always smoother and warmer to my ears. And yes maybe we do have a little less treble and channel matching is even better but it does seem that there was a house tuning that Cosmic Ears went for back in these days. I must say these results really suprise me because teh curve is so simialr and I do trust the results but my ears say they are quite obviouysly different in sound. There is also less volume here on my measuring device.

Cosmic Ears Had a Sound

Its true, Phil had a sound with Cosmic Ears that he liked and it was good. These were great value products and they are still going strong in their new England base, with up to 6 drivers in their range and different tunings for your preferences. This shows that for once, a new CIEM company actually had a clue, which is always a breath of fresh air.

Sonny Trigg