So the JH Audio Roxanne, it feels like an eternity ago I reviewed it and no longer is it the JH flagship with Layla throwing her weight around. My Roxanne is in custom form and sadly I won’t be able to compare the differences between it and the universal version, which I am sure would have proved interesting as myself and many others certainly feel it sound inferior. One thing we can do with the Roxanne though is check out the effects of its much boasted about bass dial, that is present throughout the JH Siren Series, that I am sure will continue to grow. 

Flattening Roxanne



While I was confident in the seal I had achieved with this measurement and it seems backed up by the fact both channels match, in my head the Roxanne always extended better, but I guess for once I am wrong because I have been happy with how accurate the Veritas measures bass and this certainly seems to start its roll off around 60Hz. I do agree that my Hidition I measured last week extends better at the very least for the most accurate bass response I have heard in a CIEM. As you can see even with the bass set to a minimum, these have a boosted mid bass presence, but the midrange clearly is not weak in coparison. They are up front and very balanced, not that this is ever going to be a flat earphone. We also get a little peak at 7 and 10kHz that gives the treble some appeal, this earphones does things big and if you could measure the soudstage that would be the most impressive area.

Giving Her a Plump Bottom End

Now obviously on the cable you have the ability to adjust the bass, JH claim you can add up to 15dB, lets see what I found. For the record I always listen to these on the minimum setting.

15dB spot on, nice one JH and that is one hell of a bass boost. Interestingly the changes start happening at 4kHz to a lesser extent. This is JH trying to stop the mids get left behind, which makes sense. The 15dB difference is also only by 20hZ, at 100hZ the difference is about 10dB, at 1kHz, maybe 4dB. I think by the time you get to the max setting the bass is out of hand, way too much for me but the tweaking in between does allow for some nice fine tuning, not the most subtle of boosts but one that can cause HUGE events.

12 Drivers I Like

I like this earphones, it is not my absolute fave like when I reviewed it but it is still a great model.

Sonny Trigg