Two CIEM measurements today and why you ask? Well they are actually very similar designed products, well to an extent, they both use 4 BA drivers and also have two tuning switches. Now they are both products I have already reviewed, the M-Fidelity on my archive site HERE and the Hidition right HERE so therefore we can get straight to the measurements, which due to the four configurations you can achieve for each monitor there are quite a few.

Hidition Measurements

So both these two earphones have two switches, one for bass and the other for midrange so to keep things clear, I will start with the Hidition measurements with both switches off.

Now as you can see these are pretty darn flat, and they are my flattest earphones fullstop, both subjectivley and objectivley. Channel balance could indeed be better, especially around 10kHz where they are doing something completey different, whereas before that they only just split up by what is probably under a dB. Bass extension on these is great and it really rumbles and the upper mids are slightly forwarded and sound so fresh with heaps of clairty.

Now lets switch the bass on.

As you can see it is subtle but noticeble. You get better extension and an emphasis only after 300hZ. It is a really well timed boost.

Next up is just the mid boost switch on.

Again the differences are subtle, with just a rounded notch up from within the mid bass up until the 3Khz presence peak, which still is a bit above the rest but less marginally.

Lastly both switches on.


So because of the midrange boost you can hardly see the effects of the bass boost and it is just once again very flat, in fact perhaps flatter than switches off because the 3kHz bump is almost smoothed off.

Lastly I thought it would be interesting to post the included measurements, although harder to compare as in a completley different layout, you can still see the differences.

M-Fidelity Measurements

As we did last time we will start with both switches off.

As you can see while it shares similar ideas (and done so first) to the Hidition, tuning is completey different and so is ability. The bass is rather rolled off, channel imbalance is clear and the cut at 4kHz is quite dramatic.

Now whwn you switch the bass on, it actually intergrates an additional driver, so the graph above is of a three driver and the one below is of a four driver.


It is a 500Hz boost and one of about 5dB and as you can imagine it is quite noticeble, much more so than the boost of teh Hidition. That being said it does not help the sub bass much.

Now for the presence boost.

So while the mid bass looks humped with the switches off, turning the presence on flattens the midrange into the bass nicely, with some additional upper midrange clairty. It certainly looks more pleasing to the eyes. Also the treble is boosted between this and the above graphs.

Finally with both switches on.


Again this looks flatter than with switches off, just with a bit of a boost from 200Hz and down, which is acceptable. 

The Hidition is the King of Tuning!

These earphones have similar ears but the better one is certainly the Hidition, my ears agree 100% and its much better to look at as well. The thing switches do work very well on both though, offering more subtle differences with the Hidition and a bit more dramatic ones with the M-Fidelity, which may work for you depending on how much you plan on using them, the M-Fidelitys are much easier to activate being on the faceplate as well. 

Sonny Trigg