Coin audio are Taiwanese company I had never heard of prior to the show, they were sited in a temporary room, I say room but it was more of a posh shed really. It was pretty small as you can imagine, maybe 3.5m x 4m so not exactly prime demonstration conditions. Another thing you will notice is this wasn’t exactly a huge, bank destroying system with massively oversized components and enormous cables and tweaks (although it did have this pretty call frequency emitter). It’s just a really unintimidating room, and I mean look at those speakers… they are absolutely stunning. I love the beautiful laminated curved wood for the main shape of the units, I love the brushed aluminium face plate and I absolutely love the downward firing bass port that is integrated into the design of both the compact and the tower in the Mansion range. That downward firing port isn’t just aesthetic though, it means that they should be much easier to place in a room which is great for versatility and convenience. This fits with the very commercial design in the way that you can see these speakers fitting beautifully into any modern house or apartment as a piece of furniture as well as a Hi-Fi system so versatility is key. Any ported speaker will have advantages over a sealed cabinet in terms of bass extension and avoiding distortion which is why lots of people do it, lots of people use downward ported designs too but I love the way the technology is incorporated into the design in such an unusual and attractive way. The speakers in the Mansion range come with a few finish options, stealth black, walnut burl, American walnut, and glossy white, I personally love the combination of the American walnut and the stainless steel face.

Air motion tweeters are used on both models and just to clarify, they work using a thin metal-film ribbon suspended in a magnetic field. All of their drivers are their own actually apart from the AMT which is quite impressive in itself, but they claim that their AMT has an extremely low mass so that it can act more rapidly than that of a higher mass. Without a doubt though, the room sounded pretty good indeed. We only got to listen to the bookshelf but it was a very detailed yet musical sounding system, especially when you consider the bookshelf is $2300 or approximately £1500 (the floor standers come in at $8600). There was effortlessness to the sound that I really enjoyed but in the short listen we had, I can’t accurately tell you any more than that.

I’ve done a little searching and it turns out coin have teamed up with the DNgroup to come up with the design and although it doesn’t yet show any information on their site they have some gorgeous looking electronics in the pipeline too. A music server and an amplifier that look not dissimilar to Devialet in design. Also the tube amp they had on display at the show seemed to have their own branding, the DAC was from Rudistor and they used a Silent Angel server.

Coin has captured my attention and I am excited to see what the future will bring from both a design perspective and of course a sonic one.

Josh Coleby