I have been impressed by a big Hi-Fi system a few times, I have enjoyed a lot, I have appreciated even more but I have never been left astonished and utterly mesmerised by a system. Whether it is a huge horn system, planar, or simply traditional tech, I have never felt so hopeless as an audio critique as I did on the day I heard the MBL Extreme powered entirely by their reference electronics… in white!

All I can say about this system is that it was the most realistic sound I’ve ever heard, no colouration, no distortion, nothing between the music and me. There was a very difficult drum demonstration that was played and all I shall say about it is that Sonny leaned over to me and said “if you told me there was a live drum kit demo going on, I would have believed you”.  They actually played a range of genres for minute tasters and each was equally as impressive. This made the MBL system even more impressive to us, we had enough of all the Krall or stupid ping pong ball sounds or even the single violin tracks, it didn’t give a true representation of the system itself. This is where I have to praise the guy on the IPad selecting the music; he was confident in the system and wanted people to know how capable it was of everything. I know I’m blubbering over this system but it was truly amazing, nothing at the show came close in my opinion, and I know I speak on behalf of Sonny too.

I want to apoligise for the poor focus but this was the only room i didnt want to spend time taking pictures and just wanted to listen – Sonny

I can only ever dream of owning this system, its versatility and realism are on a level I wasn’t aware of. But then the speakers are £200,000, CD player £21000, DAC £21,500, Pre amp £20,200 and over £120,000 worth of power amps. This is before cabling, racks or a turntable. You are going to need half a million for this, and yes that’s a lot but considering some of the other systems I heard at this price, it’s the only one that had such an impact. So thank you MBL, I won’t forget.


Josh Coleby